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Manufacturer and distributor of HHC, HHCo, HHCp, D8, THCo, D10, THCp, THCh, THCb, and more

About Us

Inov8 Distribution was created with one goal in mind, to bring business acumen and trust to an industry that was lacking in both. Inov8 manufactures and sources high-quality raw ingredients with an emphasis on timely turnaround times.  Our unique business model allows us to bring novel cannabinoids and other naturally derived products to the market before they are mainstream allowing our partners to stay ahead of their competition. Whether you are a laboratory, contract packager, or product manufacturer, our products and services will give you all the ammunition you need to ensure you dominate your target vertical. 

D8 color options.heic
Hemp-derived extracts

Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, HHC, HHCo, HHCp. THCv, THCp, CBD isolate, CBN isolate, CBG isolate, and more

International Shipping

We specialize in shipping cannabinoids to the EU


Consulting services for supply chain management, packaging design, website design, marketing, and product formulation 

Our Team

Our Executive Team


Xander Herbold - President

(210) 842-2475 |

Prior to May of 2020, Xander worked as a commercial real estate broker for CBRE. Covid hit commercial real estate especially hard which allowed Xander to explore other avenues. This exploration led to being hired as an enterprise-level sales consultant by a prominent Colorado-based distributor. During his time there, Xander noticed several flaws in how business was being conducted and who was conducting business in this industry and decided to start Inov8 Distribution with the intention of providing excellent service, great products, and being transparent with clients. Since 2020, Inov8 Distribution has steadily grown from brokering finished goods, to bulk ingredients, and now to being a partner in a lab.


Kaylee Irwin - VP of Operations

(710) 271-5616 |


Kaylee founded Silverleaf Hemp in 2018 where she and her team strove to grow some of the highest grade hemp in Colorado. Through her farming background and experience in the industry, Kaylee learned how to navigate each part of the supply chain from seed to sale. Kaylee quickly because an integral part of the team where she aids with supply chain management and the day-to-day operations such as invoicing, inventory management, shipping, and accounting.


Zach Edge - Board of Advisors

(214) 215-1543 |

Zach has been in the CBD industry since the beginning when he sold his first kilo of CBD Isolate for $30,000! Since then, Zach has solidified himself as a formidable force of chemistry knowledge and business development. Over the years, Zach has grown several successful sales teams and is one of the most respected and well-rounded experts in the industry.

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